Cultivated atmosphere: excellent body characteristics 2011 Audi a7


Cultivated atmosphere - excellent body characteristics 2011 Audi a7

Cultivated atmosphere - excellent body characteristics 2011 Audi a7

The cultivated atmosphere is due in part to the excellent vibrational comfort. This is the result of painstakingly tuning all components, systematic hydraulic damping in the axle and drivetrain bearings, and the extremely stiff body. Comprised primarily of aluminum and high-tech steels, it is exceptionally lightweight and very safe. The long rear hatch opens high to reveal a luggage compartment that is very easy to load and offers excellent functionality. Its ample standard 535-liter (18.89 cu ft) capacity swells to 1,390 liters (49.09 cu ft) with the rear seat rests folded down.

The A7 offers a new level of technical intelligence with logical, self-explanatory ergonomics. The optimized MMI operating system comes standard; among the optional equipment is a new head-up display that projects the most important information on the windshield. The MMI touch operating system combines a hard drive navigation system with the groundbreaking convenience of touchpad input. The driver can use the touchpad to perform numerous functions conveniently and intuitively, such as using his or her finger to write the letters of the destination or the digits of the telephone number.

The online services provided in collaboration with Google connect the five-door Audi coupe to the Internet via the online Bluetooth car phone. A ÚMTS module pulls images and information from Google Earth up on the monitor and integrates them with the navigation route. A WLAN hotspot provides contact to mobile devices on board, such as an iPad. Topping the fine range of hi-fi choices are the Bose sound system and the Advanced Sound System from Bang & Olufsen, which features 1,300 watts of power and 15 speakers.

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