2012 Audi A5 Preview


2012 Audi A5 Preview

2012 Audi A5 Preview

Shortly after Audi’s long-term production schedule was leaked late in 2007, rumors began circulating that the A5 would be getting a face lift for 2012. More recent rumors say the 2012 “product freshening” will still happen in 2012, it just won’t be released until 2013. They blame the sluggish world economy.

The Audi name is almost as old as the auto industry itself. The first Audi was the second company founded by August Horch. Since the right to Horch’s name was owned by his first company, he chose its Latin translation: Audi. In 1932, Audi merged with Horch and two other companies, DKW and Wanderer. The four ring emblem recognized as the Audi logo today is a tribute to that origin. The German recovery efforts from World War II precipitated more mergers and acquisitions before Audi reemerged as a subsidiary of Volkswagen.
Exterior Design

How much and when the face lift will affect the body style is uncertain. Walter de’Silva, designer of the original Audi A5, once said he wanted to make the car look like it was moving, even when it was parked and still. It is likely that the feel of flowing lines will be retained, but most prognosticators agree that the front grille will be completely restyled and updated.

Audi debuted its 2-door mid-size luxury coupe to the US consumer in June of 2007. The A5 now comes in convertible and sportsback models as well. The popularity of the A5 is growing. Audi of America reported record sales in September 2010, and coincidentally the A5 won the Motorist Choice Awards for Best “Sexy Styling” Vehicle from a Premium Brand that same month. The sex appeal bodes well for resale value.
Safety Features

Most motorists place a high emphasis on being safe on the roads, and it is likely that the 2012 will continue to employ the Electronic Stabilization Program that keeps the current A5 traveling in its intended direction. Head restraints and front and side airbags are standard safety features.
Competition to the 2012 Audi A5

The Audi A5 is often compared with the BMW 3 series. Both are premium compact cars. But predicting the future based on the past may not be worth much. BMW is doing is own face lift on the 3-series coupe in 2011, and one of those changes involves switching the twin turbo motor for a single one. It is possible that when Audi’s face lift is complete on the A5, these two competitors will have to re frame their contestant photos.

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